Dentitox Pro Review- Is Dentitox Pro Worth the Money or is It a Scam?

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Emma Roberts is a health and fitness expert based in California who has been providing reviews about various health products for over 4 years and has gained a wide audience who follow her blog religiously. When she isn't researching health products, Emma enjoys exploring local farmers markets and growing her own organic vegetables.

Dentitox Dental Supplement Trust Score

Dentitox is made completely from natural ingredients and various nutrients. It’s a dietary supplement that also works to strengthen teeth and gums by targeting the root cause of gum disease and tooth infections.

It comes in the form of oral drops instead of capsules. It is free of toxins, additives, and fillers.

Trust Score

Through our testing & research of Dentitox we have come to the conclusion that Dentitox is not a scam and is in fact a great dental supplement for people with tooth and gum problems.

There are 2 common complaints people have with Dentitox:

  1. Dentitox tends to run out of stock as its produced from natural ingredients people have had to wait for weeks to restock.
  2. People buying Dentitox from other websites than the original seller have been scammed with a fake product. Make sure to buy directly from the official Dentitox website  and claim the 50% offer discount they are offering today.

Read the full review below for full details.

I was having toothaches and bleeding gums and some severa tooth pain. After taking Dentitox for a about a couple of weeks I started to notice the pain was not as bad. After taking them for a few months I no longer have the pain and my gums are not swollen.


The 7 Features to Evaluate When Rating Dentitox:

1. How does Dentitox work?

The company says that Dentitox works in 5 main stages.

  1. In the first stage, the supplement enters your bloodstream and can reach the mouth to reduce pain and discomfort. 
  2. In the second stage, the gums will tighten up and become firm around the teeth.
  3. By the third state, the user will have healthier gums and less gum bleeding. The fourth stage is when the company says users will begin to get their confidence back due to improved oral health and less bleeding.

Finally, the fifth stage will bring a full recovery with no symptoms and no pain. The breath will also improve.

The main benefits of Dentitox are:

  • Eliminates tooth pain, discomfort, bad breath, and odor
  • Improves liver and heart health
  • Whitens teeth
  • Reduces the risk of ulcers, teeth pain, and inflammation
  • Improves chewing conditions and relieves tension from the jaws
  • Boosts immunity to help fight off dental diseases

You can take Dentitox regularly for 3-6 months to avoid tooth and gum damage. Using it for several months will also help with mouth inflammation and infection. Results for most people last about 1-2 years.

After regular use, users of Dentitox have the potential to make their teeth stronger and whiter. It can also reduce issues with inflamed and bleeding gums.

2. Dentitox Ingredients

Dentitox has 29 main active ingredients.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A will make the mouth able to produce appropriate amounts of saliva and keep it healthy and flowing. It also keeps the mucous membranes in the cheeks and gums healthy. With healthy mucous membranes, the user might be less susceptible to disease.

Vitamin C

Without Vitamin C, the mouth is more likely to experience dental issues like loose teeth, bleeding gums, and weakening of the tissues that hold the teeth into place. With more Vitamin C, the user will be able to strengthen their mouth and gums.

Vitamin D3

Higher amounts of D3 are shown to make the jawbone stronger. It can also allow the user to absorb more calcium and prevent periodontal disease.

Vitamin K2

The proteins in Vitamin K2 will work together with Vitamin D and move more calcium into the bloodstream and other soft tissues of the bones and teeth. It can also prevent tartar buildup.


Loss of phosphorus can cause the teeth to chip easier and can cause other oral health issues as well. High levels of phosphorus are associated with healthier teeth and gums and may keep the jaws, bones, and teeth healthy.


When the blood is too acidic, it can pull calcium from the teeth and cause the teeth and jaws to be weak. Potassium can help balance these acid levels.


Elderberry is a plant that produces berries that are said to be filled with antioxidants and vitamins that can make your immune system stronger. Many people also take it for common colds or during flu season to give their immune system a boost.

Studies have also shown that mouthwashes with Elderberry can prevent gingivitis from worsening. It has also been used as a treatment for swelling, dental pain, and inflammation.


This is a type of sugar alcohol naturally found in many fruits and vegetables. It has been shown to potentially prevent tooth decay and other dental health problems. It’s also said to starve bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans which is a bacterium that hides in the gums.

It can get inflamed easily and is sometimes hard to clean the gums properly to fully get rid of it. Xylitol can help eliminate this bacterium.

Other important ingredients of Dentitox are:

  • Zinc
  • Micro-Encapsulated Calcium (MEC)
  • Collagen
  • MSM-Methylsulfonylmethane
  • Spearmint
  • Neem
  • Sage
  • Indian Licorice
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint

3. The Company's Reputation

Dentitox is an well-known company, but the maker and founder have been researching the right ingredients to help improve oral health for years. All of his employees and lab works are also highly trained and well-versed in all the ingredients.

The founder’s name is Marc Hall, and he is originally from North Carolina. He has concentrated on only using natural ingredients and making sure his products do not have any side effects.

4. Product Testing Results

The founder has had many years of research looking for plant remedies to help people with gum and oral health.

All of the products are made in the US in a lab that has been inspected and found to be clean and sterile. The drops are made an in FDA-approved lab that is also GMP-certified. All of the ingredients are non-GMO and have been inspected for fillers and additives.

5. Customer Reviews

There are some reviews online, but several blogs say that most reviews are positive. Most people say they love the organic ingredients and that everything is all-natural. It makes many users feel safer about using it.

Not sure how this works but i feel a definite difference in my teeth. They seem to be more secure and there is no sensitivity and they are brighter and whiter than before.


Used it to prevent tooth decay for last 50 days. Feel, it does make difference. Few sensitive teeth seems tolerable than before. No specific flavor since it is capsule. I recommend this to anyone with tooth pain or gum problems.


I had Radiation to the lower jaw which caused a lot of loss teeth and pain. I have been taking Dentitox for 8 weeks now. So far no problem.


6. Cost per bottle

The best place to buy Dentitox is from the official website. Try not to buy supplements from third-party sellers as they might be fake or have a different formula. People are also more likely to get scammed from products bought on other websites. If you buy the product on amazon, make sure to read the reviews to see if people are verified buyers and bought the real product.

On the official Dentitox website, the prices are:

  • One bottle is $69 with free shipping in the US.
  • Three bottles are $177 and free US shipping, that’s $59 per bottle.
  • Six bottles are $194 with free US shipping. That’s $49 in the bottle.

Prices are also discounted on the official website, and they might not be on other websites.

7. Return Policy & Guarantee

All orders from the official website are protected with a 100% moneyback guarantee for 60 days. You can also use the product for two months and decide how it works for you. If for any reason you are not happy with the product, you can return within 60 days and receive a full refund.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dentitox does provide some positive results when it comes to improving oral health and freshening breath. Many of the ingredients have had studies were done on them that have shown promising results. If buying the product, always buy it from the official website and never from a third-party seller:

Only take it as directed and do not overuse it. If you have any questions or issues, contact your dentist. You might want to also consult them before using it and make sure it safe for your particular dental situation.

About the Author EmmaRoberts

Emma Roberts is a health and fitness expert based in California who has been providing reviews about various health products for over 4 years and has gained a wide audience who follow her blog religiously. When she isn't researching health products, Emma enjoys exploring local farmers markets and growing her own organic vegetables.